GMEX Group launches ZERO13 digital carbon credits aggregation ecosystem.

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  • May 4, 2023
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London., May 2023 — GMEX Group Limited (“GMEX”), a leader in digital business and technology solutions for capital, commodities and sustainability markets, announces the launch of ZERO13, a climate fintech.

ZERO13 provides an automated AI and multi-blockchain driven aggregation ecosystem delivering trusted supply, digital issuance, trading, clearing and settlement for a broad range of carbon credits and related ESG real-world assets. ZERO13 digitally interconnects multiple stakeholders, including registries, banks, custodians, asset managers, corporates, buyers and sellers, markets, exchanges, climate tech and fintech firms to help achieve Net Zero.

? Trust: fraudulent carbon credits, double counting and green washing

? Efficiency: lack of price transparency, vertical silos and market fragmentation

? Distribution: lack of digital registry enablement and too many intermediaries

At this time there is no cohesive global carbon ecosystem, as the market is fragmented with multiple silos. Registries have manual supply and are mostly isolated, as are carbon exchanges and over the counter trading, and there is very little peer-to-peer connectivity within the market. This missing link prevents market growth and development.

Hirander Misra, CEO of ZERO13 and GMEX Group commented, “ZERO13 provides a desperately needed, interconnected global carbon ecosystem for all types of participants, in a regulatory compliant manner, to more efficiently match supply with demand.” He added, “It’s a privilege to collaborate with Verdana’s Eco-Consortium to digitally address the end-to-end issues in voluntary carbon markets and to unlock carbon credits supply from partners such as Pay DIRT and Alleo Energy, bringing trust by demonstrating full digital provenance.”

Asad Sultan, CEO of Verdana and Co-Founder of Eco-Consortium, commented “To ensure greater credibility with institutional and corporate market participants, the supply of all types of carbon credits should be transparently verifiable and then securely tradeable in regulated markets.” He added, “Our partnership with ZERO13 aims to make carbon credits and related ESG markets more trusted and efficient using a digitally integrated approach.”

Bob Waun, Principle of Pay DIRT, LLC commented, “Proven advances in economics and efficacy of biochar in reducing water need and fertilizer inputs will increase ROI on crop land investment.” He added, “By utilizing these methods and harnessing the technological capabilities of our partner ZERO13 to generate and distribute a trusted supply of digital biochar carbon credits, we will both benefit our business and have a positive impact on the environment, food nutritional value and economy of American farm communities.”

Tim Adkins, Managing Partner of Alleo Energy, LLC commented, “We are excited to announce our partnership with ZERO13, which is a game changer from a sustainability perspective, as we are able to generate carbon credits from our production of a truly sustainable fuel product at, or below, the cost of a comparable fossil fuel, and optimise their distribution into the market digitally.”

About GMEX Group Limited

GMEX Group (GMEX) offers sustainable digital solutions for the new age of global markets. The firm is a leading global provider of multi-asset exchange trading and post-trade software/software as-a-Service (SaaS) market infrastructure solutions and ‘network of networks’ digital platform services. GMEX addresses end-to-end regulatory and contract environment needs for issuance, trading, clearing and settlement across exchanges and across multiple asset classes including traditional, digital and hybrid assets, as well as digital carbon credits and ESG real-world assets. For further information on GMEX, please visit .

About ZERO13

ZERO13, a venture by GMEX, is an automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry and aggregation hub ecosystem. The ZERO13 Hub provides a Platform-as-a-service, which offers a distributed point of entry for digital issuance, trading and settlement of carbon credits and real-world assets such as ESG securities. ZERO13 Hub connects multiple international carbon exchanges, registries, custodians and ESG project owners globally for supply verification, transparent pricing and real-time settlement using APIs and across blockchains enabled by ZERO13 Chain (‘Pyctor’). For further information on ZERO13, please visit .

About Verdana

The Verdana Platform is a cloud-native SaaS system, with a dMRV engine that sits as a node on Blockchain to extend the Blockchain’s immutability to remote emission reduction projects. The platform is operational and currently used to gather power consumption and carbon footprint data from dispersed commercial facilities across AsiaPac. It is scalable, secure, built on open-source modules, and accessible to authorized parties over their smart devices. .

About Verdana Eco-Consortium

Eco-Consortium is Verdana’s majority owned subsidiary that integrates Verdana’s Measurement, Reporting, Verification (dMRV) engine with the equity partner Eco-Registry’s GHG Accounting Blockchain to provide digital infrastructure for national and voluntary sector registries, to support sovereign commitments in reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Eco-Consortium currently hosts the carbon standards registry, CerCarbono.

About Pay DIRT, LLC

Pay DIRT, LLC (“Pay DIRT”), is a private company focused on high impact investing in agricultural land. It partners with local farmers and organizations to keep the positive economic impacts of their investments in these American communities by focusing on building up the soil health, first, instead of the traditional seasonal crop yield thesis of farmland valuation. The USDA states that “adding biochar to soil has been shown to reduce water use by up to 40% while increasing crop yields.” Facts support Pay DIRT’s initiative to purchase tens of thousands of acres of near-degraded US farmland to implement innovative soil health improvement strategies.For further information on Pay DIRT, please visit

About Alleo Energy, LLC

Alleo Energy, LLC (“Alleo Energy”) is a renewable energy and renewable commodities company with a mission to revolutionize the renewable liquid fuel industry by converting wood-waste into 100% renewable high value commodities. This state-of-the-art process turns locally sourced excess cellulosic waste (e.g., wood chips, etc.) into energy resources and high value commodities that can be refined into multiple energy products as well as natural (and carbon negative) soil, and crop yield ameliorants.

For further information on Alleo Energy, please visit

ZERO13 and GMEX Group

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