Engine Friction Reducer Lubricant – CVT Transmission Range Launched For Public

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  • June 25, 2021
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JilCat Proline has launched its ultra-friction reducer lubricant to the public. Through an electrostatic process, the product brings engines back to life by clearing the metals in the engine of deposit buildups, including sludge, carbon, rust and corrosion.

More information is available at https://www.jilcat.com

JilCat’s updated ultra-friction reducer lubricant can be used for weapons, engines, CVT transmissions, limited-slip differentials, oil field drilling and fracking equipment, conveyor systems, turbines, airplanes, and powertrains. The product can reverse the buildup of sludge and rust and return a vehicle’s motor to its original oil pressure and performance.

The technology in JilCat Proline re-engineers the structure of hydrocarbon material to form a uniform layer on metals, which creates a barrier to moisture and air. This provides rust protection from corrosion for engines and keeps them running quietly, efficiently and longer.

Its friction reducing additives and treatments are used in oils and fluids to keep standard and CVT transmissions operating smoothly. By eliminating friction, the operating temperature is reduced, slowing component wear and reducing maintenance. It also helps fight off sludge buildup in heavily used automobiles and reduces vibrations and rattling. By combating corrosion and rust, the product brings metal back to its original state, giving vehicles greater longevity.

JilCat Proline ultra-friction reducer and metal conditioner has been engineered for aerospace and used by the United States military and by the automobile racing industry. As a product used by the federal government, it has been tested extensively for quality and performance at an internationally recognized laboratory.

The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and stands behind its products by offering warranties and separate mechanical breakdown policies which cover the repair or replacement of any component treated. The lubricant is eco-friendly, having been registered and approved by the Environment Protection Agency, and is made in the United States. It contains no mercury, solvents, Teflon, graphite, zinc, or any dense metal particles.

Training Consultant and former Independent Automobile Dealer, Gene Daughtry, said: “JilCat products saved our Dealership Operations over $32,000 in engine repairs the first 90 days we tested the products. Jilcat Proline has saved thousands in repair costs using its unique formulation in commercial vehicles.”

For more information about JilCat Proline, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSk2Fru3PAkYibAgQ0PyfBg/videos or call 1-855-825-2111.

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