Facial Rejuvenation Market Global Sales are Expected to Reach US$ 60.1 billion by 2030 : insightSLICE

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Global Facial Rejuvenation Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2020-2030 provides insights on key developments, business strategies, research & development activities, supply chain analysis, competitive landscape, and market composition analysis.

The Global Facial Rejuvenation Market size was estimated to be US$ 19 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US$ 60.1 billion by 2030 at an expected CAGR of 11%. Decrease in mortality is observed all over the globe.This as result has increased the demand for anti-ageing treatments. The Medical treatments along with cosmetic procedures lend a helping hand in fulfilling this desire for anti-ageing.  Availability of Non-invasive techniques for facial rejuvenation have been seen increasing ever since invention of minimal invasive treatments. Facial aesthetics enhancing techniques seem to occupy largest share when it comes to the medical aesthetic treatments. The revolutionary shift of open cut invasive methods to minimal non-invasive methods employed for improving aesthetics has been notable. Proliferation of non-invasive medical aesthetic devices for facial rejuvenation is noticed across North America. In association with the aesthetic devices, other clinical products such as moisturizers, retinoids, and sunscreens are seen rising in demand in the end user market.

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The greater number of client base of these treatments and commodities comprises the middle-aged community between 45 and 65 years. Based on gender, females are more forthright purchasers of the treatment and products. The inclination towards type of treatment diversifies based on geography and age group. Botulinum toxin, ordinarily known as Botox, is popularly adopted for various clinical applications. Botox treatment has categorically evolved the cosmetic surgery usage. Facial fillers carry an application in diminishing facial creases. There is a prerequisite such as exactness when it comes to facial fillers right from choice of the filler category to the delivery manner to the skill set of the cosmetologist. If chosen in appropriate combination, fillers and Botox can act wonders in facial rejuvenation. The role of social media is imperative in the advancement of facial revitalization market worldwide. The population is extra cognizant about their facial appearance and actively spending for skin tightening, pigmentation, hair elimination, lessening wrinkles, bettering skin elasticity and so on. The market for facial rejuvenation is supposed to witness extensive growth in time to come. However, the aesthetic regimen bears an element of luxury and consequently, make the market certainly buoyant.

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Botolinum Toxin Type A (Botox) experiences highest demand from the middle-aged group users

Botox is conspicuously adopted by the celebrities to look youthful and continue looking glamorous. Along with Botox, the dermal fillers are equivalently in demand incurring to competent results in short turnaround time. Dermal fillers are also recognized as injectable implants and fundamentally used to fill soft tissues or creases. The revenue contribution for Botox treatment is soaring across North America and Europe. The Asian region is counted on to demonstrate assuring growth for both Botox and dermal filler through the forecast period. Combination therapy of dermal fillers and Botox delivers particularly good results in a brief turnaround time, hence, will interest newer purchasers in expected times.

Laser based equipment are the endorsed choice of cosmetologists

Facial rejuvenation regimen includes facial hair removal and get ridding of pigmentation. Laser based equipment are known to deliver desired results. Hence, are adopted by the cosmetologists. The global market is deluged with global brand equipment as well as regional brand equipment. The choice of brand is determined by the financing capability of the clinic proprietor. The price disparity between global brand equipment and the regionally assembled equipment is extensive. Ultrasound based equipment are additionally used by the cosmetologists, depending on the treatments.

Solo Clinics outpace the appeal for facial rejuvenation products

The consumers of facial rejuvenation products consist of solo dermatology clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers spa. Solo clinic category is the most considerable buyer of the products and equipment. The end users of these assorted treatments do not choose to visit a hospital, rather approach a clinic to preserve secrecy and privacy. The figures of solo clinics are much larger than the other buyer categories. The clinic owner customarily approaches a merchandiser in order to draw an impartial comparison of usable brands.

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North America carries a significant established base for the facial rejuvenation treatment equipment

The North America region has noted most of the high-tech breakthroughs with respect to clinical products and the procedure machinery. The end users are already appreciative of and have accepted the products to match the evolving style of living. Imminent improvement is seen from Asia Pacific region. The spending capability of end users has gone remarkably up, and they are eager to include luxury products to their lifestyle. The Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam are reliant on import of medical aesthetic devices from their Asian neighbors namely China and South Korea as well as from the United States, Israel and other generating nations.

Major players active in the Global Facial Rejuvenation Market include Allergan plc, Anika Therapeutics, Inc.Cynosure, Inc., Cutera, Inc. Merz GmbH & Co. KGaA, Lumenis, Revance Therapeutics, Inc., Speciality European Pharma, Mentor Worldwide LLC, and Fibrocell Science Inc., Venus Concept

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