Earth be nearest to the Sun on Jan 2 this year

Earth be nearest to the Sun on Jan 2 this year

They see each other consistently however this January 2, Saturday, is the point at which they get the nearest to one another, and that as well, for the lone time in a year.

This year, January 2 is the point at which the Earth, during its circular circle around the Sun gets to the nearest point it can get (Perihelion), which will be at 7.27 pm. The Earth will be 14,70,93,168 km from the Sun, as against the 15,21,00,523 km distance between the two, the farthest during a year called Aphelion and which will be at 3.46 am on July 6. All in all, because of Perihelion, the Earth on Saturday will be 50,07,355 km closer to the Sun contrasted and July 6.

As indicated by N Sri Raghunandan Kumar, Director, Planetary Society, India, however individuals would not ready to see or notice this heavenly occasion, it was vital with instructive potential for understudies and the general population to get temperatures and that seasons on the Earth are not reliant on the distance of the planet from the Sun yet because of the pivotal tilt during its excursion around the Sun.

“It is commonly believed that the distance of the Earth to the Sun decides the season or temperature on the Earth. This is not true. Axial tilt (approx 23.5 degree) of Earth on its axis while revolving around the Sun regulates seasons on Earth with one of the Hemisphere facing away or towards the Sun. This is why at the beginning of the year, every January, it is winter in most of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, even when the Earth is the closest it can get to the Sun,” he stated, adding that in July, when the Earth would be at the farthest point from the Sun, it would be generally sweltering in India contrasted and what it is in January.

“This clearly shows the distance of the Earth from the Sun doesn’t decide the season but its tilt during its yearly journey around the Sun,” he said.

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